About Shannon


Welcome to my little corner of the world! I’m Shannon, a wife and mom who loves soaking up the sunshine and wild, Kansas wind at our dream house out in the country where we have room to play and pray. We have three kiddos that range in age from grade school to high school so I understand and live the busy mom life everyday! We love country living and are looking forward to adding chickens and horses to our little homestead. Because who doesn’t love a little more busy and a whole lot more mud to clean up? The eggs and trail rides will be *totally* worth it. When I’m not running my kiddos to activities or dashing off to a photo shoot, you can often find me curled up in my favorite place—my front porch. There is just no better view. Whether it’s watching my kids laugh and play or viewing the splendor of a prairie sunset, my heart is always full taking in all of the wonders His many masterpieces. It’s the best place to slow down and breath in this beautiful life.

I like to say that my days are fueled with coffee and Jesus :-) And, if I’m lucky, I sometimes get a peaceful, rainy morning to enjoy them on the porch. I love gluten-free pizza and naps. Not necessarily in that order. Naps.are.the.best. And while we may be land-locked here in Oz, I jump at any chance to enjoy some boat time at the lake.

I love being a photographer because it allows me to stop time and capture those moments that will be treasured forever. As I watch my own babies grow up I look at them and realize how much I treasure those photos of them as littles. It’s the only way I have to stop time and keep a tiny piece of them little forever. I love, love, love my kids so much. They are what drive me to capture these moments for myself and all the other mamas out there. I create the photos that bring those feelings rushing back to you—the smell of your newborn’s head. The giggle of your toddler. The profound sense of wonder at the birth of your child. The pride of the parenting culmination that led to the high school senior before you. I just love, love. These are the raw, deep moments that define families and need to be treasured.


These are the moments I love. These are the moments I capture. This is why I love what I do. 


Send me a message and let’s capture lightening in a bottle together.